Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering(BSSE)

Program Description:
Software engineering is the application of sound engineering principles and techniques to the analysis, design, development, testing and management of software systems. It is an interdisciplinary study integrating traditional computer science, which focuses on algorithm development and related theoretical issues, with engineering, which emphasizes designing and building complex, safe, reliable systems for general use.
Software is not just the programs but also all associated documentation and configuration data that is needed to make these programs operate correctly. Software Engineering is an Engineering discipline whose focus is the cost effective development of high quality software Systems. It has real life implications in many industries — including medical, communications, business, military, aerospace, scientific, and general computing. Using principles and techniques of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis, software engineers empower computers with innovative applications to perform tasks smarter, faster, and better. That’s Institute of Information Technology (IIT) is going to offer Bachelor of Science program in Software Engineering from the academic year of 2017-18.
Throughout this program, we will provide students with a strong foundation in software engineering using a combination of classroom study, software development experience, and design projects. Hence the program blends engineering principles, computing skills, project leadership, and software construction to supply students with a comprehensive understanding of the field and to prepare graduates for the workforce or future study.
The programme is designed around a set of core courses that introduces the fundamentals of software engineering, followed by a broader range of courses. Students could choose to augment their core with more Software Security oriented courses (e.g. Software Security and Information Security), Data Science courses (e.g. Data Mining, Big Data and Large-scale Computing), Web Services and Applications oriented courses (e.g. Web Programming, User Interface Design and Evaluation), or Graphics and Game related courses (e.g. animation for computer games, Artificial Intelligence for Games). Each of these areas is covered by a dedicated set of core and extended courses. In short, by providing a careful balance between theory and practice, the program will prepare students for central software positions in Software industry, government and institutions where software engineering has become a key activity.
Course objectives:
The objectives of the Software Engineering program are to provide a quality software engineering education with significant hands-on and laboratory experience that will enable our graduates to practice their profession with proficiency and integrity.This includes:
a) Foundation: Graduates shall have strong foundation in science, mathematics, and engineering, and can apply this fundamental knowledge to software engineering tasks.
b) Development: Graduates can effectively apply software engineering practice over the entire system life cycle. This includes requirements engineering, analysis, prototyping, design, implementation, testing, maintenance activities and management of risks involved in software and embedded systems.
c) Process: Graduates know classical and evolving software engineering methods, can select and tailor appropriate methods for projects, and can apply them as both team members and managers to achieve project goals.
d) Professionalism: Graduates are knowledgeable of the ethics, professionalism, and cultural diversity in the work environment.
e) Quality: Graduates can apply basic software quality assurance practices to ensure that software designs, development, and maintenance meet or exceed applicable standards.
f) Presentation: Graduates have effective written and oral communication skills. Graduates can prepare and publish the necessary documents required throughout the project life cycle. Graduates can effectively contribute to project discussions, presentations, and reviews.
g) Growth: Graduates understand the need for lifelong learning and can readily adapt to new software engineering environments.

Brief Curriculum:
BSSE program is a four-year industry-oriented degree. Three years of study is followed by a half-year industry placement before the final semester. Students are assisted by the Institute in their placement for internship. They integrate their industry experience within their studies upon return for their final semester. This develops students in strong communication skills together with an outward worldly focus, positive personality and business attitudes. This program enhances students’ capability and competence to deliver at different technical roles and management positions.
This programme will cover a wide range of software engineering topics for a comprehensive coverage of modern software and techniques. For graduation, students have to complete total 150.0 credit hours. This programme features a common first year, which consists of mathematics, sciences, computing, engineering principles, communications and design. These courses will provide students with a solid foundation for engineering training and introduce a variety of engineering disciplines. Students can gain knowledge in areas such as computer programming, object-oriented methodology, software design, software validation and verification, software security, and computer networks in second and third year. In fourth year first Semester all the students will send an industry for a semester for Industrial Training. A capstone course series — which includes an industry-sponsored design project — allows students to collaborate with fellow students to design, plan, manage, and implement a software system and provide with experience to work with real industries.
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BSSE Program Mission:
The primarily mission of the Bachelor of Science program in Software Engineering is the education of professionals who can define, design, develop and deliver high quality software systems within resource constraints. We accomplish this mission through our undergraduate and graduate programs in software engineering, and the research activities of our faculty working with their student research teams.

BSSE Program Vision:
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science program in Software Engineering will be recognized as innovative leaders in the fields of computer science and software engineering by their work in software development in a myriad of application areas, and through their work in advanced study and research. The faculty will continue to be known for their passion for teaching these students and for their knowledge, expertise, and innovation in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in computer science and software engineering.